HulaHoopKids is an All-Online HulaHoop Training Platform that is willing to bring back childhood among the modern-age children with this beautiful art form called hooping. 

Today’s mobile-first generation has forgotten the rush of playing out in the field and has been spending the golden years of childhood in front of screens. With online accessibility, HulaHoopKids is enabling the children to make good use of this screen time. While learning this new life skill, the children can not only leverage the physical benefits that hooping has to offer but also give some time off to the parents. 

We are the first to bring online training courses for an activity-based skill like hooping with 100% guaranteed results. 

We look forward to your stay.

Pooja Agrawal


HulaHoopKids laid its founding block with an aim to add fun into your daily workout sessions and that’s when we found hooping and immediately fell in love with this super-fun and exclusive skill. In the years to come, we want to help this skill achieve the spotlight it deserves and be a major contributor to it.


We have ONLY one vision: to make people fall in love with hooping and promote healthy living with it. Unlike other physical activities, hooping is pure fun and we want the students to leverage the list of benefits that it brings along.