Got more questions? Ask away, we’ll be pleased to answer them all.

If you’re a beginner, a plastic and light-weighted Hulahoop can help you learn swiftly. You must also check the size depending on your age, height, and body structure. 

For a quick decision, take the hoop, position it infront of you, and stand straight – if it reaches your belly button, it should serve the purpose. For a detailed understanding, it’s better to get on a call and talk to our expert trainers.

We’re an all-online specialized Hulahoop training platform willing to target the mass at large. So owing to our mission, we only operate online.

HulaHoop is a skill that requires patience and practice. Thus, we don’t provide any Demo or Trial sessions as it has little to no value for the interested student. 

For adults, you can sign up at any level depending on your understanding of the skill. But the final decision is always rested on the trainers to help maximize your learning. 

However, if you’re a child, here’s a basic age criteria for different levels: 

Beginner: 4.5+

Intermediate: 5+

Advance: 6+

Our courses are designed in a manner that every day you learn something new and so it is not advisable to miss classes unless absolutely necessary. 

In those cases, our trainers ensure that you comfortably catch up in the next class and don’t have to play chase.

Yes, we have a special offering for students seeking one-to-one sessions. If you’re one of them, contact us right away for more details. 

You can buy Hulahoop from any nearby toyshop or from shops selling sports accessories. However, before making the final decision, it’s always wise to seek an expert’s suggestion so that you don’t have to make the investment twice.